Why you should wear your own fashionable custom-made facemask

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, facemasks are compulsory in Victoria and recommended by the government in other states when outdoors, especially in closed spaces such as public transport or grocery stores. What if a plain surgical mask is not your style? We have browsed the wide web and put together a collection of the most beautiful fashionable facemasks that will protect you and the people around you at the same time.

1. Hand-painted face mask

We could not resist. This is true art at its best. A pestilence facemask. We are sold.

2. Ethnic handmade facemasks

Plenty of designs to choose from. Fits perfectly, luxurious yet comfortable. Choose your style to fit your pandemic mood.

3. Retro design facemasks

Retro handmade facemask

Cool designs, handmade in Australia. The perfect fit and easy to care for. What is the outfit you will wear with this facemask for your next covid-19 grocery store trip?

4. Extra large triple layer facemasks

Extra-large facemasks in fashionable designs. Reversible, triple-layer, handmade in Australia, and easy to care for. Just take my money @phace.wear.

5. Branded facemasks

If you require your employees to wear facemasks at work, consider providing them with a facemask with your business logo. A genius idea to promote your business while saving money on disposable surgical masks. Moreover, your employees can stay protected on their days off. A win-win.